Pet Lovers Opting Homeopathy for Remedy

Instead of going for allopathic treatment, people are opting for Homeopathic or Ayurvedic treatment as allopathic medicines are costly and have side effects whereas, homeopathic medicines are cost-efficient, safe and negligible side effects. Homeopathic medicines are easy to use and totally organic in nature. Talking about pets, homeopathy is the best option and well suited for them. It is said that the effect of homeopathic medicine is not fast, but this is a myth. If the medicine is adviced by an experienced doctor then it is perfect for pets and the effects can be noticed at the early stage of treatment. All type of medicines consumed by living beings affects the tissue system which is the root of causative organisms. Homeopathic medicines can be given to pets without an expert person and while other medicines are adviced to be treated only under expert supervision, homeopathic medicines can be given to pets without any expert supervision. The drug can be given in the form of liquid or globules. Most of the animal welfarist recommend allopathic medicine during infection, but a non-clinical person can’t sell these drugs as per the Veterinary Council of India. Homeopathic medicines are safe to use in first aid without any cruelty and side effects.

Homeopathic treatment is based on scientific knowledge and cures the patient according to their symptoms. Generally, the medicine is used to lower serials from 6 to 30 but in old cases, it can be used in serial of 200 to 1000.

The medicine can be given orally with water, milk, bread, sweet etc. It should be taken care of that no meal will be given to the pet for 30 minutes before or after intaking the medicine.
The medicines may be given in form of drops or 40 no. globules. For large animals, the medicine of power 30 may be given, 6-10 drops or 4-8 globules at an interval of 4hours. In the case of medicine power 200-1000, the repetition may be daily one time, at an interval of 4 days or weakly according to the case. During the treatment, the vaccination procedure is allowed. The owner should use one medicine at a time, and should not mix two or more medicines at a time and if it is necessary to give two different types of medicine, the interval between two medicines should be between 10-20 minutes.
If you are starting the course of homeopathic medicine, one dose of Nux Vomica is recommended one hour before intaking the medicine. Never give Apis and Rhustox together. Don't use Arnica Mother tincture on broken skin. Use paper sheet to give the medicine to your pets instead of your hand and always store the medicine in a cool and dry place away from sunshine

There are some treatments for pets if an emergency situation arises:

1. Wounds- Calendula Q 10 drops in 50ml water. Use this for washing the wounds instead of other antiseptic lotion.

2. Bruises and Sprain- Rhustox Q 10 drops in 50ml water mixed with coconut oil.

3. Cramps- Kaliphos 6x at an interval of 5 minutes.

4. Earache- Clean the ear, and use Plantage and Mulleins oil in the ear, internally.

5. Pyrexia or fever- Ferrum Phos 6x- 1-2 globules at an interval of 15 minutes, till fever comes down, then at an interval of 30-60 minutes.
In case of high fever, dissolve 4 globules in 50ml water and give the medicine by tablespoon at an interval of 15 minutes.

6. Colic- Sometimes the pet suffers from severe stomach pain, give MagPhos 6x 2-3 tabs in one tablespoon warm water at an interval of 10-15 minutes until it’d stop aching.

7. Bleeding- If there is bleeding because of some wound, use Arnica 3x 10 drops at an interval of 5 minutes continuously. If there is bleeding from nostril use Beladrool or Aconite 3x. To check the bleeding in weak pets use China 30. To check all types of bleeding Melilotus Q and Hamamelis Q 10 drops at the interval of 5-10 minutes. In case of epistaxis, pour 2-3 drops of Hamamelis in nostrils. Sometime Epicac 30, Ferumlodum 3 and Natrum Nitricum 2x might give good results. However, apply cold water on the head to check epistaxis.

8. Piercing of nail- Whenever there is a wound due to piercing a nail or sharp object, use Calendula Q 20 drops in 50ml water, wash the wound after extracting the wounded nail. Bandage it with Calendula drops, then use Ledum Pal 200 6 drops at the interval of 10 minutes 3 times.

9. Wound or fracture- When there is a fracture in the pet’s body, use Arnica 200 5-5 drops at an interval of 10 minutes until it stops aching. Calendula 30 may be given (5-6 drops) at an interval of 6 hours, Ledum 200 (5-6 drops) once in a day.

10. Sting bite- Sting bites cause burning sensation and irritation to the pet, use Ledum Pal 200 (5-6 drops) at an interval of 10minutes and Apis Mal 30 at an interval of 6 hours may be useful.

11. Lameness- By any accident or indulging in a fight with other pet, the pet shows signs of lameness and faces difficulty while walking. Ruta-30, Arnica 30 and Rhustox 30, (5-6 drops) at an interval of 6 hours is adviced.

12. Cough and Cold- In winters, the pets show sign of cough and cold, common symptoms of this are laziness, off feed, reddish eye, sometimes fever and restlessness. To keep the pet warm, provide warm water and warm clothes. The medicine which would be useful:

(a). Bryonia 30- Whenever there is thirst or dry nose, 4-6 drops at an interval of 6 hours.

(b). Dulcamara 30- When there is a change in the weather or coldwave, then Dulcamara 30 (5-6 drops) at an interval of 6 hours.

(c). Aconite 30- It may be useful at the start of the symptoms.

(d). Rhustox 30- In winter or rainy season wipeout the water from pet’s skin, dry it then use Rhustox 30 (5-6 drops) at an interval of 6 hours.

13. Off feed- Sometimes the pet becomes off feed due to any unidentified cause or because of an unhealthy meal, then these medicines are effective.

(a). Nux Vomica 30, (5-6 drops) at an interval of 6 hours.

(b). Carboveg-30, (5-6 drops) at an interval of 6 hours

(c). Sulfur 200- By giving one dose of Sulfur 200 (5-6 drops) improves the result

14. Disease of Hoop or Paws- Whenever the hooves or paws become, then use Tincture Hypericum and Ledum ny applying bandage.

15. Maggot wounds- The pet lovers frequently see the pets affected by maggot's wound. For this use Turpentine or Eucalyptus oil on the wound. Clean the wound once then use Carbon tetrachloride and the maggots will die by this

16. Burn- The medicine Cantheris 30 (5-6 drops) at an interval of 4 hours may be effective after a dose of Aconite.

However, it is suggested to pet lovers to assist the pets with the help of an experienced veterinarian.