Cats Make Great Companion

You all must have heard about the catwalk, which is known as the best walking style. The cat eye denotes cleverness, the crossing of a cat before you are considered to be a bad luck. However, cat a furry pet animal is around our residing area. Nowadays, the number of pet lovers keeping a cat as their domestic pet is increasing at a rapid pace, it is full of emotions and psychological behaviour. The researchers said that the cat is better to check pollution, it checks the carbon footprint rather than dogs. The cat helps in coping pain, it serves as a social supporter to human being. It is said in foreign countries that more than 80 per cent of women are attracted to men who love animals, preferably cats, those of opinion that a person having a cat is more reliable than others. A survey said that cat owners are smart and more intelligent than others. There is no cardiac problem who has a pet as it helps in the cooldown of stress. Mainly women like cats as best companion animals. The cat owners are mostly quieter and seasoned. The owner's of cats got fewer allergy that dog's owner. It is also said that the cat warns before arise of unhappening. 

There are about 200 breeds of cats but in India, there are mainly seven breeds of cats which are reared by people or seen in the residential area. The breeds are Persian Cat, Siamese, Maine coop, American Bobtail, Himalayan Cat, Spotted cat or Indian Billi.

The  ancient cat is a Siamese cat which is originated in Thailand which was known in ancient time as Siam.

The cats can take human foods as fish, boiled boneless meat of chicken, cheese, broccoli, watermelon, eggs, boiled carrots, bananas, canned baby food, milk, curds etc on attaining one year of age the cat needs maintenance diet but it is not for kittens, pregnant and nursing cats. It is also seen that two cats of same age and weight the food may not be the same, it depends on their metabolism. For the kitten, the feed can be provided throughout the day and allow adlib (as they need). The cats are carnivorous by which they digest high-quality protein very fast. Thus the cats need not provide vegetarian diets.

The body of cat burns calories rapidly, so high caloric feed is required. In their feed rich in calcium, phosphorous, omega-3 and fatty acid is required to cope with the heart, brain and immune system disorder. For kittens, dry food of smaller pieces are required for teething. The kittens are fed on their mother's feed (breast milk) and after one month of age, they take solid food. Provide drinking water all the time.

On attaining the age of seven months to one year, the kitten should be provided feed twice a day. If one can see the cats or kittens are restless, diarrhoea, vomiting, discharge from eyes, dysuria, constipation, hiding in dark places, frequently shouting, it shows the pet needs medical help. For their defecation, the cat is such a pet which defecate in a same litter box or pot. The litter box should be clean daily. For training to defecate in the litter box firstly pour some faeces and urine in the box, when the pets smell it, then use it for defecation regularly. For keeping the cat, a cosy housing box should be formed which have a smooth and soft bedding. The pet should be provided with a place of scratching, where it scratch its claws. The cats should be kept inside the house of the owner not outside the house.

It is very well seen that the cat use its one-third time in setting its hairs and clawing the body, by which it is a clean fury pet and need not to bath. However regular clipping of nails is required. Timely vaccination and anthelmintic medicine are required to keep free from infectious diseases.

Generally, cat exposed from panleukopenia, herpesvirus, calicivirus, rabies, feline leukaemia, chlamydiosis, infectious peritonitis, immunodeficiency, bordetella and giardiasis.

Cats are a very intelligent creature and trained fastly. The pet owner plays with her, interact with her. She needs attention. The male kitten grows faster than female and is heavier than female also.

In Islamic tradition cats are admired for their cleanliness, they are thought to be virtually clean and may be allowed even in masjids. The favourite feline of Prophet Muhammed Saheb was a cat named Muezza. The selling of cat is not pious in Muslims. In Hindu mythology the Goddess Shashthi whose vahana is a cat. By which the killing of cat is sin in Hindus. Christians hate cats as there is no cat in the Bible. While today cats are mainly cherished in Christian society. Cats politically unsound and less lovable than dogs, deliberately target people that don't like them may say cat Tsunami.

Egyptian culture worshipped cats. Bast which has cat headed lady worshipped in ancient Egypt. In Japan the cat symbolises as good luck, there is a small cat shrine in the middle of the Tashirojima Island. In Greek, the cat is also worshipped as goddess Artemis. In Egypt the penalty for killing the cat was dead. Here in India the person who kills the cat penalize to make gold cat and donate it to the temple.

So, it is very interesting to celebrate International Cat Day on 8th August every year. It was created in 2002 by International Fund for Animal Welfare.