Be an entrepreneur in rearing pet

To the sign of neo-rich and animal welfarist is to rear pets. The pets are being a part of nuclear families these days. The rearing of pet mainly dogs are well known to be a watchman, a creature of passing time, useful in loneliness and sometimes it helps in earning money also. At present every third or fourth house is keeping the pet in their house. In the case of one or two children, people keep a pet to pass their kid's time. As the demand for good breed dogs is increasing then the dog rearing with breeding may be a source of income. 

Before entering this type of entrepreneurship it is necessary to be well versed with dog rearing and management practices. Nowadays the demand for pets is mainly divided into the following groups according to household and place. The small householder or the house with big space for playing the pets, demands German Shephard, Alsatian, Dobermann, Boxer, Printer, Dalmatian. Labrador, Retriever etc.

The big houses having the facility of big and spacious lawn needs St. Bernard, Afgan hounds, Bloodhound, Great Dane etc.

Here it should be taken in mind the cost of rearing and management takes an important part in expenses. The expenses will be on feeding, health and care. Daily brushing, exercise and training are needed.

As one is entering in this business he should be aware of the characters of different breeds of dogs. The owner needs the pups of the breed as the rearing of a pet is feasible by buying a pup of 20 to 30 days of age.

Next important point is to get a sound knowledge of management practices of pets which includes feeding, breeding, housing and health. In the female, it has been seen that they attain puberty in 12 to 18 months but shows symptoms of heat in 7 to 9 month of age. They show menstruation two times a year, from July to September and February to April. The gestation period is 62 to 63 days. Thus the bitches give birth to pups two times a year. In the same way, a stud dog may attain its puberty in one and half year to two years of age, but do not allow to make it three times in a week. Here it will be kept in mind that inbreeding (example brother, sister father and other close relatives) and daughter, son and mother should be avoided. Always take the bitch for mating to the place of male dog not reverse. The mating will be successful after 9th, 11th and 13th day on the set of successful after 9th, 11th and 13th day on the set of bleeding or whenever bleeding stopped.

For successful entrepreneurship the following strategies should be kept in mind:

1- Keep the full record of mother and father of the pup. Do not purchase before the opening of the eye, it is advised to purchase the pup at the age of 4-5 weeks as the pup can get the milk of its mother, which is beneficial for its body immunity against disease.

2. Maintain a record of its vaccination, deworming and weight with a physical examination.

3. Be cautious at the time of purchase a pup, that should have clean eyes, white teeth, clean nose and ears, pink gum, the fine fur of skin, no wound on the skin, the pup is moving on their four legs, taking liquid diet and inquire about the parents' vaccination as well.

4. The pup should get the diet as per schedule or advised by their veterinarion.

5. Try not to give meat or hard things as to choke the oesophagus.

6. Give curd to the pup, tonic etc as advised by a veterinarian.

7. Do not tie the pup and bath daily, do only brushing and combing.

8. Give meal 4 times up to 6 months, 3 times up to 9 months and 2 times over 9 months of age.

9. Protect the pup by tick's infection and protect it in summer, rainy season and winter.

However, be in touch of your veterinarian to develop as canine entrepreneur.