The inclusion of sports in curriculum

Sports is an asset for every young child as it nourishes those skills which the formal structure of education can’t teach them. The prospectus of every academic institute have few pages dedicated to various sports activities and the level of facility they provide to their students, but the reality is conflicting. Lack of sporting facilities and poor infrastructure tends to demotivate the students and psychologically plant a thought in their mind that sport is just another tool for killing the time and not a career option. The structure of our society is education oriented and academic education is considered the only form of attaining success, though that is another contradictory topic that even in academic education there are concepts of choosing a stream so the ward can reach to new heights, my intention to include this topic in between this article is just to understand the psychology of most of the Indian parents that apart from education, nothing could make their ward successful. 

It is no longer a hidden fact that education has been commercialized and it follows a work culture of a service industry where the ultimate goal is to satisfy the end user and in school, the end user is the child, but unknowingly he surrenders to the deeds of their parents so the end user in this context is the parent and the parent doesn't want to make their child a sportsperson. School timings are fixed and the student gets a definite amount of time for academic and co-curricular activities and the schools can't afford to misuse that time so they concentrate on the academic part. Schools who charge a huge sum of money surely encourages the sports culture, but I am talking about those schools where the majority studies, where middle class send their wards and they have high hopes from their ward to secure high grades. The negligence from the side of parents can be observed just by one simple situation, if the teacher of an academic subject is irregular in the class the student will tell about the problem and parents would create an uproar in the school and force the school administration to appoint a new teacher as soon as possible, but if the student complaints about the absence of the sports teacher, parents won’t give an ear to their child and probably won’t even ask the teachers about this problem. 

The weaker sections of the society are suffering the most from this problem because, in government primary schools, the concept of sports period doesn’t exist as there are no teachers for sports in education in the primary schools and those students miss an opportunity to learn the basic rules and concepts about sports and is lost in the mayhem of mid-day meal. This structure is dangerous for the country because children who were supposed to play and would become as star players are unaware of the talent they hold. All the leading sports personalities begun their sports training in their childhood as it is a period where the body is flexible and can be moulded accordingly for a sport, but it is the failure of the state to ignore a mine of talent. Even our PM has thrown light on the sports and some initiatives have also been taken to increase the participation, but for primary school students, no such scheme is present which trains them in sports along with the education. There are few exceptions where a talented student from a weaker section has participated in a tournament and won because of his exemplary skills, but those skills are of his, not of the school administration, the role of school administration is to bring him in the limelight so he can play a district-level tournament for the sake of routine. We can clearly notice that the system has declined to an extent where a district level winner goes back in the darkness as there is no proper infrastructure for him in the school or in a sports academy.

The central government recently announced that it is going to cut the syllabus in half so the students can participate more in sports, but with the present scenario and the mindset of the parents, the situation is unlikely to change. Parents should take sports as a carrier medium and not just a source of entertainment, sports is a great medium of employment and earning and even if the ward decides to leave the sport after achieving success, he will always be eligible for the sports quota in the government jobs so the option for landing a job is always there but until the infrastructure and mindset doesn’t change, every scheme and promise proposed by the state will be dissipated in thin air with the combined efforts of school and parents.