Is this Liverpool’s year?

After a gap of 28 years, the dream to bring the English Premier League (EPL) trophy to Anfield is brewing again in the eyes of every Liverpool supporter. With Jurgen Klopp’s masterful guidance, Mohamed Salah’s sorcery and Virgil Van Dijk’s solid defence, fans are sure that this is their year. 

Liverpool has some glorious days in European tournaments, winning the Uefa Champions League in 2005, but they are still waiting for their first title in the Premier League title. This season Liverpool has been playing like champions and the whole turnaround of the club started with the arrival of their charismatic German coach Klopp in 2015. At a time when Steven Gerrard had just left and the memory of losing the title race, a year ago, were still haunting the club, Klopp started infusing energy and new talent in the team with a vision to achieve success in every tournament.

Smart transfer choices over the past couple of years, after losing star players like Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho, have contributed majorly to the development of this well-balanced side we are witnessing today. The arrival of Salah last year and Van Dijk this year can summarise the club’s amazing performance in the transfer market which also includes Roberto Mane, Roberto Firmino and Alisson Becker.

Dubbed as the club living in the shadow of its former self, Liverpool is now showing glimpses of excellence again as they are sitting on the top of the table. The team finished in the top four of the EPL table for the last two seasons and reached the Champions League final in 2017-18, where they lost to Zinedine Zidane’s mighty Real Madrid.

The prospects of Liverpool winning the EPL trophy are brighter than ever this season as their forwards are playing ruthlessly and scoring goals in every game. Liverpool defence has been brilliant this season and they are getting proper support from the Brazilian custodian Alisson. Manchester City is still a threat to Liverpool title hope and with everything looming all good; the team does have something to worry about including their past traumas. The jumbles memory of that infamous Gerrard's slip is still lurking there. The fitness and injury concern of the top players could prove crucial at the later stages of the league, which is popular for its ups and downs.

Despite all these speculations of failures, Liverpool has much to look forward to and being dubbed as the “best team in Europe” by Pep Guardiola, this season could be a fairytale ending for them unless they end up doing a Liverpool again like that of 2009 and 2014.