Loopholes in Engineering Education

Engineers are the ones who turn Science and Technology into something tangible and useful for the society. With their creativity and intelligence, they come up with ideas which make human lives safe and convenient.  Engineers play a vital role in the development of society. If they understand their responsibility towards the society and work accordingly for the national interest, then there is no force in the world which can stop us to climb on the ladders of development. Every engineer should keep in mind the requirement of the current generation as well as the needs of the future generation because the quality of life and sustainability of world's children in the coming future depends on our decisions today.

The current condition of engineers in India is inevitable. The unemployment rate in this sector is rapidly increasing. Engineering education is among the key enablers of growth for transforming India’s economy. If not now then we are going to face a huge crisis in the coming future which we won't be able to tackle it. We now have the nine times technical universities and colleges than we had twenty years back and challenges have only multiplied. 

The horrendous condition of unemployment in the country is the issue to worry about. One of the major reason behind the employability is the problem in our education system.  There is an urgent need to upgrade the quality of engineering education in India. The kind of labs they need is not there in the colleges. The type of quality education we must deliver is not up to the mark, only a few colleges are there who are performing well. Most of the students come from rural areas so they lack soft skills. They have communication issues. How to do their overall development is the major issue? Colleges these are coming up with the programs including Personality Development courses.  Students must have exchange programs too so that they'll be able to know more about the market and indulge in social activities as well. This will help them in building contacts and broaden their horizon. One college should send their students to the other. Earlier the government was not helping in the way it is helping these days. So, we must take out the best use of it. Government is coming up with ideas to tackle unemployment, for instance, Investor's Summit, Start Up, Incubation Centers and many more. The country is on the way of development, colleges only have to do their part in providing quality education.

The pace by which the nature of the market and technical field is accelerating in comparison to that engineering education is not able to keep up with the growing demand. To cope up with the global market we need to change the curriculum. A rotten theory is not going to help them out, practical experience and exposure is must. Students need to visit industries during their academics. The changing nature of international trade and the explosion of information technology have dramatically and irreversibly changed the practice of engineering

There is a challenge of lesser exposure to reality. Technical subjects require that students be exposed to examples of the use of engineering principles as applicable in real life. This exposure is very limited at present. Practical knowledge is often discouraged and as a reason, students are unable to get exposure.

Well equipped laboratories is must in engineering colleges with best trained and knowledgeable faculties. We select our faculties according to the norms given by AICTE and UGC. It's proven that children learn from practical experiences. There is a race in between colleges and universities. Some are actually doing great, but for others, it's merely a business of making money. Children are the future of the nation. So, whatever we can do for them is not enough. We should all train and teach them for the future. It is discovered that new information and technology is being discovered and disseminated at a phenomenal rate. It is predicted that 50 percent of the facts students are memorizing today will no longer be accurate or complete in the near future. We must challenge them today to utilize their brain and come up with best ideas to save the environment. Students of today need new skills for the coming century that will make them ready to collaborate with others on a global level. Whatever they do, we can expect their work to include finding creative solutions to emerging challenges.

We all have our social responsibilities. I am saddened to say that there is a downfall in humanities. It is under the strain around the globe. Earlier we used to have Gurukul but we cannot have it now. There is an immediate need of including human values in the curriculum of all the courses. Environment-related issues should be addressed among the young generation.

All the educational institutions have central bodies who looks over all the legalities. So, Universities and colleges should not intake faculties according to the set norms, they must fill in space according to enrolled students in the academic year. This issue needs to be solved soon.

Colleges must adopt a holistic approach. It develops students to be critical, confident and independent; aims to make learning a process of self‐improvement that explicitly recognizes the self and the social context of learning and teaching, and recognizing the needs of the individual learner in the interaction.

India, where the majority of the students are from rural background, needs more attention. They are not aware about the social norms and college norms. They lack in soft skills and the paucity of etiquettes creates a major issues. For instance, they come to college in slippers and do not know what to say and when to say. Many students of this generation fail to exercise good manners on a day to day basis. Enhancing the skills and overall psyche of the youth of India is critical, especially when a meltdown has already started

Student-teacher interaction is very important in today's era. Students must be able to express themselves without any hesitation to their teachers. Sharing of thoughts and problems help in building a strong relationship.  Frequently, while working on any problem , students are unsure of themselves. This lack of confidence is hampering their learning. It is important to recognize this when students come to us for help, and to give each student some feeling of mastery. We must do this by providing positive reinforcement to let students know when they have mastered a new concept or skill.

Colleges must know how to rightly use the energy of the youth,  there is a need to channelize the energy and aspirations of the youth in a positive and inclusive direction. We are going to come up with the largest youth force in the world. They are talented, ambitious and intelligent. And with young Indians showing amazing capabilities and intent in making strides in every field from politics to space technology, one hopes for an empowered nation.