How Fragile We Are

Last year the Indian politics for some was full of turmoil and for others there is no better word than optimism. The year 2018 will not be only remembered in India but also all around the globe. There are different opinions being splashed on internet my being one of them, people are debating on topics like: 'The Rise of the Right', 'Economic Emergence', 'Fall of the Global Village', 'Global Warming', etc. but what is lurking behind is how we lose ourselves to this.

 Eruption Now and Then

 Multiple events all around the globe were there to gain attention and  persuasion, inclination, hate, race, country first and liberalization on counterpart, all of them were most propelled words on every kind of media, people daily expressing regret and joy in counter, was most common emotion on every television screen.

 Every event was bisected into for and against stand. This bisection did not have limited access, it was everywhere. This bisection is going to frame new guidelines for  world politics  (Policies by Donald Trump, instability in Europe), economic machinery ( India as bright spot, china on halt; vice versa, crony region  centric economic policies), etc. were clichéd of the year 2018 and they are not going to be too different this year too. This bisection limited  the opportunity to think and understand any occurrence around the globe, which is actually going to frame our future and we missed the opportunity to understand the pros and cons of it. Every now and then we had to choose our sides in a bipolar boat in  an ocean, fear of sinking is murmured so much that we actually left the center and are trying to balance it from ends.

Fear and Prejudice 

Fear and prejudice are no two different words, prejudice is succession of fear. Fear as emotion comes into being when we are misinformed and this leads us to choose a definite stand. Fear most of the time asks you to choose between yes or no. The channels of flow of information are narrowing down and providing limited information (may be because they are trying to be the prophet of the good, the bad and the dirty accordingly).

Suppose, you enter a magnificent restaurant of which you heard from a reliable friend serves very good food (may be not), you order the same dishes as suggested by your friend and in sophistication you swallow every bite being served and propagate the same to others. This is the very case of information channels right now, that reliable friend is the information channel and  the other friend being too credulous in sophistication takes the steps suggested by his reliable friend and same is propagated further. This never gives genuine information about the restaurant and aggrandize statements in favor and hoax  in counter is spread without facts in whole. This misinformation provokes people to take stands and fear of losing  this bipolar fight gives the energy to embolden their coalition.  The next step is the social battle and the social battle at present  provides you with two choices and you have to choose between for and against there is no middle path. Both the counterparts develop animosity with each other and this finally leads them developing prejudice about the thing which might not be true in both the cases. 

 The need of the hour

 In most of the constitutions all around the globe media has an institutional freedom. Media plays a very significant role in our day to day life as it is one of the vital source of information. Hence, it becomes our utmost responsibility to take care of its freedom and also maintain checks and balances too. Every free institution wants his or her own say and we should not be ignorant of the fact that autonomy is sometimes egoistic too. For India, this year is too crucial as in all sort of perplexities (Kisan, Congress, BJP, Mahagathbandhan and may more) the public will have to choose an option that shall shape the future discourse of this nation. So, at least in democratic countries people should demand fact feeding rather than  junk feeding  so that people do not develop businesses from our fragile emotions.