Why IIT?

Engineering is the most sought-after career option amongst the Indian youth, by choice or by peer pressure that is. Even though stats indicate that only 6% of all the engineering graduates are competent for actual jobs each year lakhs of students set out to become engineers. Most of this bunch or shall we say the entirety of it aims for IITs to get their degrees. It has been the norm for ages now but “why” seems to be the question swimming in everybody’s mind for years and it’s time to seek some answers.

After a lot of pondering, research and sitting down with an IITian following seems to be the reasons why any engineering aspirant aims for an IIT:


Comparing the types of equipment and facilities provided at an IIT campus with any other Indian college/university that offers engineering will be an insult to its face. All tools are judged on by taking global standards as parameters. This has ensured the highest grade of education and exposure for any and every student that gets a chance to study at one. The plush campuses have in-campus hostels, labs, messes, grounds and security that is just off the charts.

Fee Structure

We are no stranger to the economical situation of a typical Indian with dreams and any private institution is sure to suck a parent dry. This is one area where an IIT save the day like the knight in the shining armour as their fee structure is nothing compared to the rest, making it even more desirable to the masses.

Social Recognition

IITs have gained high status in the education arena over the past decade due to its greatly successful alumnus. The multi-level entrance exam is designed to rigorously test all the candidates on their knowledge as well as intellect and is a hard exam to crack, making it a matter of pride. Any student that manages to get into an IIT by default escalates to an advanced level of social recognition.  

Social Construct

As pointed out in the last point getting into an IIT deems you worthy in the engineering community and like everything else it too has a darker side. It has resulted in a herd mentality which has students as well as the parents in a state of haze where they see nothing but IIT as their ultimate destination. This often results in students falling victims of the immense peer pressure and overworking themselves into depression. The education industry force feeds students dreams of a better future and even threatens them with statements like “Agar IIT mein nahi hua toh koi future hi nahi hai” which keeps their pockets filled with all the tuition/coaching fees.

Better Opportunities

However, landing a job is totally up to the student but IITs definitely receive a much larger footfall from the aces in the industry. Since the entrance exam ensures that only the nation’s best get into the college itself it by default is the hub for the sharpest of the minds. This keeps the biggest of company coming in each year to recruit from the best in the pool. Opportunities are not just restricted to MNCs but extend to all the government organizations and we all can agree how everyone in India is a government job enthusiast.

Highly Qualified Faculty

It takes a good teacher to create a good student and IITs take that extremely seriously. The staff is highly knowledgeable both theoretically and practically. They are fully capable of handling all possible queries and confusion a student might how. They usually are proud owners of multiple degrees and years of on-field experience under their belts. The teaching methods might differ with the nature of the subject but brilliance is guaranteed.

Personality Development

A typical IIT student is exposed to a diverse environment as people join the institute from all over the country. They share classes and living spaces, in turn, educating each other about their traditions. Theoretical knowledge is essential but the campus promotes personality development and pushes the student to explore new horizons. All campuses have various groups that polish them in arts as well as sports. A lot of students not only earn a degree but also discover their hidden talents and get over their shyness due to consistent interaction with other students. A well-groomed candidate is always welcomed at the giant corporations and are very likely to be assigned international projects, ensuring success.

Alumni Network

IIT graduates lead successful lives at top level positions in highly reputed companies making the alumni network stronger both in strength as well as quality. Having seniors or colleagues at high post can only come as an advantage when applying for jobs. Sounds unfair to the non-IITians but life is unfair as it is and no one in their right mind would pass the golden opportunity to work with the best at any cost. Being an IIT graduate already makes you a great candidate but having an in with the top management will set you apart on the crowd, something not all engineering graduates can manage.

Hands-On Approach

IITs hold vocational training over everything else and keeping this principle in mind they focus on moulding every student into a specimen. Students are taught with a more hands-on approach by assigning them real lab work and projects that are more application based. This shapes the students and makes them ready for field work. This increases their chances of getting hired and by default performing better than other once hired. This is one of the biggest reasons why students are drawn towards IITs and why all the alumnis only have good things to say about their college.

Research and Development Opportunity

Not all students are looking for a job opportunity and want to dedicate their lives to research, if you are one of them then IIT is the place to go. There are numerous promising programs to become a research scholar at the institute itself which is definitely a head start. IITs are surging with incubation centres and research labs available at vim for any student who shows promise. A true genius will not only jump at this opportunity but will not let it go till he/she has made the full use of the resources at hand.

After listing down these points, we ourselves are convinced that an IIT is the best place one can get into if they want themselves to succeed. They might seem overrated and a lot of work but to be fair the end results are absolutely worth the time and effort. We are not saying that IIT is your only hope but it certainly doesn’t hurt to study at one. Engineering aspirants should give their all to get into one but if not they still have a bright future as everything is possible with hard work and determination. IITs are superior colleges but experiences can be earned elsewhere as well. In closing note we wish all the students appearing in the upcoming entrance exams a hearty- All the best!