What Employers Seek in MBA Graduates

Master of Business Administration, the go-to option for every graduate in India, but does it actually give one leverage over the others or make you stand out in the eyes of the recruiters? The question comes with a subjective answer, with many sides and one that is prone to change with the shift in the dynamics. Being a student, parent, coach or mentor, however, knowing the answer can be the difference between having or not having a successful career.

MBA was first recognized as a course in the early 20th century in the United States of America and has gained moment all over the globe since its inception. A typical MBA course in India aims to equip the student with a broad sense of ‘Management science’. It is designed to groom the students the fundamentals of accounting, marketing strategy, marketing management, business planning, managing human resources, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship. More specialized courses focus on specific streams of businesses like banking finance insurance, infrastructure, so on and so forth. An Indian MBA graduate spends about 12-15 lakhs at the very least on tuition fees plus other expenses to get the precious degree and facing rejection after such an investment is a hard pill to swallow. To avoid such a scenario lets take a peek inside the minds of the employers seeking MBA graduates:

A leader, not a boss

Although, the terms are commonly used as synonyms both of them differ in their fundamental meanings. A boss is one who is good at delegating work while caring less about how and if someone can get it done whereas a leader leads by example. The latter believes in mentoring and guiding his/her subordinates through the entire course of the task. A leader not only excepts the fact that it is humanly impossible for someone to know anything and everything but also doesn’t shy away from showing how it is done. Major recruiters in the market are all for the leader and will choose the candidate with leadership qualities over anyone.

Communication is the key

Business is all about communicating your idea in the best possible light to convince the listener that you have the best possible idea that there is, and it is self-evident you need an accomplished communicator for the job. An MBA graduate can bag the job if he/she is well versed with the art of picking behavior patterns of whoever is they are dealing with and deliver the message in a language that they understand. For instance, we the person they are speaking comes off as a sensitive person then usage of soft words will yield better results than unleashing the fire-breathing dragon.

Superior supervision


A company usually hires an MBA to manage a project and to handle a team of people, therefore it becomes crucial they look for a candidate who holds the skills to supervise his team. A high achieving team can perform poorly due to lack of supervision while an average group of people can put out the best of results just by the rightly directed administration. It is a highly sought out quality when recruiting and also one that is the least worked on by the candidates.

Global by nature

Dealing with international clients is a whole other ball game, one a manager should know all the rules of. With the globalization on the full throttle more and more organizations engage in international trade on a daily basis, this has caused a huge demand for staff with a global mindset. Recruiters for top organizations are readily looking for individuals with the caliber to handle matters on a more universal level.

Abreast with traditional approaches

Thinking ahead and keeping up with the pace of the industry is essential but knowing the old ways can really save the day. Therefore, the staff selection process accesses the candidates on the basics. The aged techniques, however, come off as obsolete but act as the foundation on which businesses are built and run. Possession of such knowledge is what makes an MBA graduate a we-rounded candidate in this race of a job market.


Businesses are run on a “Whatever sails the boat!” mentality and having a manager on board who is willing to try anything to keep it running is always appreciated. The industry is an ever-changing mechanism and adaptability of an organization decides its fate. When hiring, companies are looking for people who are dynamic by nature and have a foresight. The capability to take risks and act according to the situation in hand is admirable.


Being at the management level requires one to take a lot of important decisions with heavy implications. For this reason, the employers look for decisiveness when hiring. Having a shiny degree with straight As isn’t going to help your case if you seem hesitant on taking the right decisions. An MBA is expected to be quick at applying is knowledge and insight to take decisions in the best interest of the organization.

Ability to negotiate

Companies rely heavily on negotiations and it is an integral part of every day at the office. Pointing to the obvious being an excellent negotiator will increase your chances of getting hired by a minimum of 50%. Negotiation is a game where you gauge the opponent’s positives and negatives to using them to get the maximum out of a situation. A pro tip, the best negotiator is the one who lets the other person think that he is settling for less while reality tells a different tale.


Professionalism, a word thrown into conversations pretty often while it lacks a universally accepted definition. It is taken for granted and is subjective but there are some unsaid rules to it. To appear more professional, you need to dress and act a certain way, but it isn't enough, you work and demeanor should spell it for you. Recruiters look for people that show sincerity, promise, and respect for their work, that is something you should work on if you are pursuing your masters in business administration.


A managerial post commands for a practical approach from whoever sits on the chair. Keeping an emotional attitude while tending to business never ends well, as a results employers keep their eyes open for an analytical lot of people. These individuals should be able to see the situation in a much more factual light rather than dwelling on the sentimental aspect of it. One seeking a career in management should learn to analyze situations from the get-go to avoid any rejections at the placements.

Listing down these qualities was a challenging task since there are so many qualities that recruiters look for in a candidate, especially after one has gone through such a comprehensive course structure as MBA. Freshers regardless of their field of study are under a lot of pressure due to the scarcity of opportunities at their hands and knowing what the employers seek is an added advantage to the educational qualification they possess. We hope we have cleared the fog around the topic and this helps you prepare for a better chance at success.