Radio Jockeying- The Way of Life

नमस्कार, आदाब, सत श्री अकाल, मैं (Fill your name here) आपका स्वागत करता/करती हूँ आपके अपने शो “Magically Musical”  आपके शहर के अपने रेडियो स्टेशन पर। 

Now, just to humor me, could you read it twice! I would request, please do it! Now there are two responses: If you are anything like the majority (seven out of ten people), you would start reading it as if you are an RJ. If you are out of the minority (three out of ten), then you must only be thinking why did he write Hindi bit in an English article. Well, for me any encounter of the third kind does not exist, there might be a third kind, but they do not exist for me. Now you might be thinking that there is no way I could know how you think. That is a valid response. How would I know how you think or how does anyone know how their audience or reader(s) in this case are thinking? Well, let me break your heart. No one knows that. A lot of intelligent people like yours truly think they do, but they do not. But for the sole purpose of sounding cerebral most of us think that they know how others think and we pass our super honorable judgment based on that. As an RJ one does not have this luxury. I certainly don’t know how everyone thinks. But I know how I think and that is the pattern of a radio jockey’s thinking. If he thinks at all, he only thinks about himself before preparing a program that is supposed to interact with the masses. Almost always it works. Why? Well, it cannot work always so it works most of the times.

I will talk about the way of life in a show when an RJ is on air or better than that how does an RJ prepare, if at all. One has to know what they are saying and they have to cater to an audience with varied interest. So how does an RJ who has very little knowledge about the audience manage to keep them glued to their earphones, radio sets and in some rare cases with their television (yeah, people are there who listen to F.M. stations on their televisions as well.)? There is only one way of doing it and that is thinking about one’s own likes and dislikes. If I would like something without any duress then you would love it as well if you are not already biased.

But that thinking is fundamentally flawed. Two people are different in more ways than one can count. How can one be blind (metaphorically) to that fact? Well, to be honest radio is a blind medium. The radio jockey cannot see you and you do not see the Radio. I understand that sentence seems to be far-fetched but bear with me. Except in the times of cricket commentary in the moments of crunchiest situation in a cricket match, one’s radio is always in the background. The radio is on but the listener does not have to sit before it or watch it. Of course, there are exceptions if the radio could be stolen, then the listener has to keep a watch on it. Since people keep listening to it while doing their work the radio influences people’s subconscious. For every other form of communication, one has to be at a certain level of active participation. In radio not so much.

As a radio jockey one has to talk to a large number of people as if (s)he is talking to each and every one of them. How does one do that? Let me open it up for you. If you listen to an RJ communicating his/her ideas to the people, you might get into the trap of thinking that you are listening to one of the most self-obsessed people on the planet. I am one of them, ain’t I? Well no. I am not self-obsessed, that would be a very mean thing to say. I am a narcissist. Believe me, it helps.

The word Narcissist is used for someone who loves himself. Don’t we need those kinds of people in today’s beautiful world? One who has the capacity to love oneself is the only one who can truly love others. In the process of loving one’s own self, a person truly understands true love. I know all my faults and still, I am able to love myself that means I will be far accepting in others faults. An RJ does that on any and every regular day of their work. As communicator radio jockeys are taught to be their happiest selves. They follow it to the T. You would have never heard an RJ depressed. If you have then I would request please listen to some good RJs as well.

One more thing to add is that there is enough or should I say more than enough hatred already. Disappointment, depression, once upon a time they were hefty words now they are part of everyday conversations. So being a narcissist helps one to stay happy and consequently they can make others happy as well.

As a radio jockey, I never badmouth anything or anyone at all. Even if something bad is happening I decidedly look/talk the other way. For instance, if I come across even fifty to sixty odd mistakes in this article I would look the other way and say this article is just unconventional to our taste and move on. Why should I inform anyone about that? Other people do that as well. But an RJ does it because they just cannot talk about bad things. You would never hear an RJ bickering. We as a fraternity have learnt to love our flaws and believe in the fact that as humans we are flawed. So we never get into that kind of workplace politics as is a norm. Since we always stay in the back we just always talk about emotions that are not talked about behind one’s back, like love, friendship and brotherhood. That is why we are able to connect.

With a certain stretch of imagination, I believe radio would be the medium of the future. Of course, that is not the popular belief right now. So I have to elaborate with a few more words on that. A picture speaks a thousand words; a moving picture speaks thousand very moving words. That is to say print and television at times use words and pictures without any discretion or sensitivity on their part.

An RJ has word limits. They have another big limit that they have to talk about happy moments, happiness. They cannot go on spreading negativity. News on the radio is still just news, no views, no exasperated analysis, nothing. Just plain news that is open to your interpretation and no interpretation is propagated.

Radio is a one-way communication. At times you may think this might not be the best way to communicate. But nowadays reading the sufferers of trollitis (not a medical disease though spreading socially on social media like an epidemic.) going on and on like a bad radio show, one can learn to appreciate the one-way communication in radio. Honestly, there are no bad radio shows.

And as we have seen in ancient history, recent past and transient present that at times one man/woman’s views can become the collective conscience of the society. So what is wrong if they are coming from a blind medium when they can breach the limits of the urban local with panache and give the technologically unattended people a chanced peak into the urban mindset?