MBA after Engineering

Engineering graduates pursuing MBA is not a new trend and with changing times, the percentage of engineering students going for an MBA degree is skyrocketing. Engineering is considered a safe bet in our country, but an MBA degree with an engineering degree is the safest bet, various factors push an engineering graduate towards management, one among them is the salary package they will receive after the education. An engineer with an MBA degree will get a handsome package and move up into the higher ranks much faster than a normal engineer graduate.

Engineers are expert in crunching numbers and they apply their knowledge practically in their profession, but an MBA degree will assist them in managing people working with them, it teaches them to deal with real-world problems and the human factor associated with the job. Management world is not monotonous, it is a dynamic world with many things acting at once, the engineers learn about Human Resource Management, Enterprise management, Communication and negotiation skills. They learn about the system and proceedings of the corporate world and it is an asset for them, they already knew the technical factors and now they are well aware of the managerial skills and it provides them with a chance to solve the problem easily as they perceive the problems according to macro level, scientific and human elements working simultaneously changes the approach of the human during the course of decision making.

Multitasking professionals have always remained a top choice for the recruiters because of their multidimensional approach and a different set of skills and MBA after engineering is the top choice of the recruiters. It gives an edge to the dual degree holders over engineering graduates, with a management degree, engineering graduates can hope to fast track their career to supervisory and visionary roles. The remuneration also has a vast difference for management and non-management professionals, which means that the corporate world also prefers those who have an engineering plus MBA degree. For instance, an engineer plus MBA with an excellent understanding of the technical aspect of the project can handle the project more effectively than a simple MBA or engineer graduate as he can handle the management personality as well.

MBA curriculum has group discussions, project presentation and industrial visits which acts as an aid for personality development as these skills are important for any professional.

Now, there arises a question that what is the right time to opt for MBA? The answer varies from person to person and their career choices. In professional life, there comes a time when a person feels that his needs are not being met, not getting enough recognition or exciting assignments which leads to job frustration and a sense of stagnant growth, the professional chooses to switch the profession according to his needs and MBA definitely is a good option for climbing up the success ladder and it is relatively easy for the engineers to crack CAT as most of the exam has quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning which is easy relatively compared to the students with non technical backgrounds. Most of the engineers lost their interest in the core subjects while studying and for Post Graduation, they don’t wanna pursue M.Tech and MBA seems a viable option to them because of an entirely different and interesting curriculum and it is comparatively easy than a post graduation degree in engineering,

Some of the students just pursue CAT to follow the pattern, all of their colleagues were going for an MBA so they go with the flow. Following this trend sometimes can push the career graph into jeopardy because following a trend without introspecting the interests will lead to another low of the career. With every passing year, the number of unemployed engineering graduates is on a rise and every student wants to secure the possibility of a job and to some extent, an engineering plus MBA degree guarantees the chance of a job.

Choosing a specialization for MBA has a cardinal role in shaping the career, an engineer should always choose a specialization in which he can utilise the previous knowledge of his course and applies that into the current career objective. the key question is what will be the career objective in the managerial sector, engineers who want to work in the technical department should go for an MBA with Engineering Management specialization otherwise one can go for general project or project management. Deciding the specialization becomes easy when one evaluates that how much the person wants to get involved with business-oriented functions of the company. Finance, accounting or strategic management skills aren’t for those who want to move up in the technically oriented career, a technically oriented masters degree will be suitable for them and if someone is intending to work in the managerial section of the business then finance, marketing, strategy, human resource are the specializations according to your need.