Doubts to Clear Before Entering Your Dream College

No, it’s not unconventional for anyone to dream big. Dreams don’t cost you a penny, hard work doesn’t, but college fees does. And there’s no point putting in hard work into something that’s not going to pay you back in one way or another. The same can be said for the process of choosing your dream college, it doesn’t matter what you’re pursuing; law, engineering, management or any other course which our education system can offer.

There is just no denying that your own skills aren’t the only thing that matter into building a smooth path for a significant career. A reputed college plays a role as important as your skills do. A good college doesn’t just enhance your present sills, it helps you develop new ones, and moreover, it helps you explore the hidden skills of yours which you never got to explore.

But, should just getting into any reputed institute be your only and topmost priority? Well, if you ask me, my answer would be no and I’ll be trying my best to tell you why.

• Know your college

You might want to get in an IIM or an IIT or a law institute, or a medical institute, same rules apply for all of them; you need to research. Research on what the campus of the college holds for you, how close is the infrastructure to what the college claims it to be, does the hostel have a healthy environment, how great the faculty is, the environment of the college, the exposure you’ll be getting there, you need to know it all.

Every question you can possibly have about the college, you need to get the answer to it. Basically, you need to know if the shoes you’re trying to fit your feet in, are your size or not.

• Enquire about loans, if you’re hoping to get one

It’s probable that a reputed college is gonna make you invest a big chunk of cash from your pockets. Alas, higher education isn’t cheap. So, if you do aim to go for a reputed institute, and you’re not that well off financially, as most people aren’t in a country like India, you might be hoping you’d get some help through education loans, right?

Well, it sounds super easy, but big loans are a headache to pay back as they follow the compounding interest principle and the amount you need to pay back to the bank is gonna multiply at least you a few times depending on the period you choose to pay it back in. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go for education loans, but you should talk to the banks and the college beforehand to know exactly how much you’ll need to pay back. That will help you calculate if you’d be able to pay it back in time to the bank after your final placements as you’d be getting a probable idea about the average placement packages of your college.

• Talk to the college alumni

The best advice you’ll get is from people who’ve actually had a first-hand experience at the college you’re hoping to be at one day. Alumni will do the best job in clearing your doubts, and tell you about both the advantages and shortcomings which the college has to offer.

Shortcomings are important because you don’t just need to know about the good, you need to know the bad, you need to know if you can live with it. Not any college is going to be perfect, you’ll have to settle here and there.

For example, it can be a great college but totally inaccessible, or maybe the college campus is great, but the placements aren’t, or vice versa. Shortcomings should be in your mind, because then only, you’d be able to decide which college do you deserve the most.

Lastly, having questions are important. Doubts, when cleared, uncloud your mind and help you think straight. Don’t just enter in an institute because it holds a reputation, rather find out what the college actually holds for you inside, because you’re not going there just for the sake of it, rather you’re going there to build a future out of it and nurture yourself. Dreams do come true, but not by themselves. You’ll need to ‘wake up.’